Hi! I'm Fausto 
I've spent the last few years creating conceptual illustrations & directing animation films.

Feel free to contact me for any project that needs passion and robust ideas. I work with mixed media and have several years of experience in animation direction for commercials and short films. 
I translate my research and ideas into visual language, narrating through poetic stories.
I intend to evoke feelings and questions in the viewers. Art is a journey to design contemporary narratives able to generate a meaningful impact. I believe in the power of stories and images to empower people, their lives, and our world. My research focuses on two main topics: human identity and physical, mental, or geographical boundaries.
I paint to provide myself and others with proof that I exist in certain moments as a researcher; color is a tool for me to document and collect moments, to understand their content and form until I reach their purest origin and essence.
My colors blend and enhance each other, trying to tell the story of a place, of the people who live there, of the light that radiates it in that instant; moments that individually are unique and specific but simultaneously include vagueness and universality.
Like memories, colors fade with time.
I paint to remember.
Selected Clients
Adweek, Amazon, Aperol Spritz, AT&T, Bottega Solidale, Boston Globe, Corriere della Sera, Elekta Kids, Flipboard, Google, Nike, Harpic, HP, Poste Italiane, Raley's, Sergio Tacchini, Swiss.com, TedED, Uber, WellFargo, Workday.